Hello. Again.


My name’s Alison.  Just in case you forgot, because it’s been a while.

So, this whole blogging thing.  I’ve been doing it off and on for the last 9 years, and it’s always been something that I’ve fit in to my life whenever I can, and hasn’t really been a priority.

And that just hasn’t worked, not the way I feel like it should.  I don’t mean should as in I’m-putting-more-pressure/expectations/attempts-to-live-up-to-something on my self.  I mean should as in there is a constant hum in my soul to write and to share, to encourage and come alongside whomever reads my words, and I can’t do that if I don’t actually write.

I am so encouraged every day by the words I read and the voices I hear of bloggers and people around me, people living life alongside me in this crazy beautiful world – whether in my everyday life or across the other side of the world, and I’m so grateful for the time and effort they spend to share their hearts and lives, just so I might make that connection and take something away that lifts me up.

That’s why I keep coming back to this blogging gig – the knowledge and conviction that we all have a story to share, the story of our lives, and we never know how that might impact someone else.  I keep coming back to it for you, the person reading these words now, whether you’re someone so very dear to me in my life, or someone who’s just happened by here goodness-knows-how.

It’s not that I have the answers, I certainly don’t know the meaning of life, I’m no expert in anything, and I mess up Every. Single. Day.  Repeatedly.  But that’s the beauty of sharing life.  If I can make someone smile at the comedy of errors that is my life, or share an experience that brings a ‘Me too!!’, or speak a word that someone needs to hear right then and there, then I know I’m living my purpose in life.  Those connections made are worth the battle against the doubt and fear I feel every time I sit down to write.

So thank-you for being here right now, for spending your precious time on reading these words of my heart.

You already mean the world to me.

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