One little word (or not so little, as the case may be)


It’s such a seemingly small word, when you look at it.

Four letters.

One syllable.

Used everyday, in so many different contexts.

But love?

Is anything but small.

It is the cornerstone of life.

It is hard work, and messy, and gut-wrenching, and leaves us lying bleeding and weeping and wishing we’d never known what it is to love someone.

It is beautiful, and strong, and wonder and breathtaking, and teaches us what it is to exist in the sphere of life at large.

Paul tells us that until we are face-to-face with the One who loves completely, we are to trust, and hope and love.

And that the greatest of these, the biggest, the most important thing is love.

I wrote about love for The Nester’s 31 Days writing challenge, focusing on love-as-it-is-meant-to-be in 1 Corinthians 13.  It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t a subject that could be explored and wrapped up neatly in 31 blog posts – how could it be, when love is something that takes a lifetime to learn about, by living it real?  And that we won’t fully understand until we are in the presence of Jesus, He who is love defined?

I’m 37.5 years old, and I feel like I’ve barely even skimmed the surface when it comes to knowing about love.  I’ve had many hard lessons in the realities of love – I would even go so far as to say the brutalities of love – but I am also living the breathtaking wonder of love Every. Single. Day.  Even though I don’t understand it.  Even though I resist it.  Even though I feel like I’m not worthy of it.

This is why love is my word for 2014.  I want to know more.

I want to know more how to fully love the people I do life with, to love as if my life depended on it.

I want to know what it is to embrace the love God has for me, the love that I hold at arm’s length.

I want to know what it is to love as Jesus does.

I want to truly live by loving God with all my heart, mind and soul.

I want to better love myself (my body, my soul, my mind) as Christ loves me.

I want to love extravagantly and without fear.

I want to know love as God created it, not love as the world has taught me.

No biggie.

Just one little word.

That has the power to change a life.

At least, I’m believing that it will change mine.

So tell me, how can this one little word change your life?  Do you think learning about (and living) love-for-real could change the fabric of your reality?  What do you know of live in your life lived-so-far?

I have much to learn, and if there’s one thing I know about this world, I cannot do that on my own.  I would love for you to join me on this journey, and learn the lessons that Love has for us.  Please leave a comment, or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.  If I haven’t already, I’m so looking forward to meeting you 🙂





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