Unstoppable force.


image via Nina Matthews/Creative Commons


So a few months ago I declared my One Little Word for 2014 – for life, really – was love.


A small word that is the everything of life.

As I wrote last week, 2014 so far hasn’t exactly turned out as planned, and I’m seizing the opportunity to reset and restart, from where I am right now.  And to help me on my way, I’m going to use a challenge The Nester hosts each year, and make it something to help me focus on the areas of my life I want embrace and be intentional about.

The areas of my life I want to love on.  So really,  pretty much everything – my Spirit, my people, my home, my work, my community, my heart, my body, and so much more I don’t even know yet.

But for now, I’ll focus on one area of life each month, and document the process along the way.  No, I won’t be blogging about it every day, but I’m taking up the 31 (or 30) Day challenge to focus on an area of life and do one thing each day to actively love.  Whatever that is,whatever that looks like, I don’t know yet.  I’ll blog a few times each week and will document daily on Facebook and Instagram,  I’d love for you to join me along the way, and I encourage you to share how you’re loving intentionally in your life.

This has by no means been something well-prepared and organised, it’s just something I thought of today as I was pondering a quote from ‘Love Does‘ by Bob Goff (do yourself a favour, RUN to get this book and read it, do not wait!!!), that Shannan over at Flower Patch Farmgirl blogged about last month.  Bob writes:

‘That’s the way the chemistry of God’s love and our creativity work together when combined. No reservoir can hold it, no disappointment can stop it, and no impediment can contain it. It can’t be waved off, put of, or shut down. It doesn’t take no for an answer. Instead it assumes yes is the answer even when it sounds an awful lot like a no to everyone else. – Love Does by Bob Goff – ‘

We are created to love, because God loves us.  And we are created to be artists (with our art being the life we live).  Bob encourages us to bring love and artistry together to create an unstoppable force, and that is how I want to live my life.

With love being the unstoppable force that drives everything I do.  

I’m starting with my home.  I realised today that our home is such a part of our family, it’s like having another member to care for.  Only our poor home has been neglected, used and abused over the years, and in return has hardly failed us or let us down.  I’ve been giving it some TLC over the last few years in the form of some minor renovations and facelifts, but my heart tugs to make it so much more for our family.  Not perfect, nor with expensive renovations, but in the spirit of IDHTBPTBB (click over, you won’t be sorry), doing what I can with what I have to lavish love and comfort and calm, to create a haven for us to feel embraced by.

It was simply my desk today, clearing a few months worth of clutter.  Half an hour later, and a nearly-cleared surface now invites me to use the space for whatever is required at a given point in time.  It invites me to create with love.

Join me? 


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