And again




I kind of slipped in that writing-every-day part of 31 Days,but oh well, it is what it is!!

Truth be told, I’ve been away from the computer as I’ve been sorting – deeply sorting – some parts of my house, and that has taken up my focus and energy.  Even though I had fully intended to write every day, I’m not sorry for the break as it happened, because it’s part of the process of learning my limits, and the importance of prioritising where I spend my limited energy.  For right now, I have an innate need to press deeper into my home, which actually means doing things in my home that make life more livable for me and my family.

Much of that activity at the moment is sorting and purging, to make way for breathing and creating.  Enter exhibit B (Exhibit A was my back room from last week):



That’s my garage, and my workspace.


I know this is not an unusual picture, for me or anyone really, and that most of us have spaces that become dumping grounds.  I could barely even walk through here, and it had gotten to the point where I was afraid to even start, feeling frozen with not knowing where to start.  But the thought of leaving became even more frustrating and downright painful to some degree than continuing to actually ignore it, because every time I thought ‘oh, I”ll pain that/ fix that/ make that’ etc, I knew I couldn’t because I didn’t have access to the space.

So, I just started, and after a few hours spread over two days, I now have this:



Much, much better.  Still some stuff stored that will go back into the house, but plenty of room to move, to breathe, and most importantly, to create.  Again, just like after clearing out and organising the back room last week, I felt like I could let out a breath I’d been holding for a long time.

As much as I’d love to click my fingers and have my entire house sorted right now, I know that this is a process, and one that takes time.  As I’m going through it, I can choose to put all creating and decorating and making-this-house-a-home-ing on hold until everything is purged and organised to my satisfaction, or I can start putting pictures on the walls and sewing covers for the couch and painting rooms and re-purposing sideboards at the same time as cleaning out cupboards and sorting way too much paperwork and purging the Tupperware cupboard.  Again.

I vote for the second option, because waiting for the right time means nothing will ever happen.  My life to this point is testament to that, and I’m changing my story now because I can.

How do you manage to create beauty whilst trying to keep life in order?  



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