Hello, and welcome to my little piece of life.  Will you grab a cuppa and join me for a chat?  I’m really looking forward to getting to know you.

So, tell me, what’s your story?

What makes you you?

What is it that makes you come alive?

When is it that you know you’re really living?

What have you lived that’s brought you to right now?

I want to hear your story.  I want to know what it is that makes you tick, what makes you so uniquely you.

As for me?  I’m still working that out.  I love to tell stories, it is how God has created me, and He has given me a beautiful story, to be shared with the world.  Just like your story needs to be told.

Some things I do know for sure –

I am a masterpiece, created new in Jesus Christ, for the good things He has planned for me, for us.

I am so loved by God.  Deeply, madly, passionately loved with an extravagance that can barely be fathomed.

I am a wife.  Well, I was.  But I still am.  It’s a long story.

I am a mum, to 3 kids who defy description, and who teach me every day that I need to just keep breathing.  And praying.  And hoping that I’m getting something right in this crazy gig called parenting.

I live in my community, serving through my relationships, my work, my church and whatever else comes across my path.

I am discovering who I am as a writer, an artist, as a creative, and it is something that challenges me everyday, because the noise in my head of doubt and disbelief keeps trying to convince me otherwise.

So that’s just a little part of my story, for now.  Would you tell me yours?



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